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front-end web developer - based in nyc 🗽

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Yoga App

did you know that yoga isn't just about poses (asana)? check out my yoga app, which will track all of your yoga practices: meditation, asana, pranayama, kriyas, etc. i actually care about yoga a lot; it has helped me survive a lot of trauma, especially during COVID times. thank you, yoga. 🕉️🧘🏻‍♀️ yoga will make you feel reborn & powerful - but only if you do it right. so check out my yoga app here. ⬇️

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Weather App

weather app description: here's my weather app, which I constructed during my SheCodes Plus course. Why not see how the weather is at your dream city?

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Yogurt App

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do you love yogurt? i dont. but i eat it every day because it's not as fattening as a lot of things, and it does hold you until lunch. i'm only including it here because it's required for the assignment. 😹 If you're going to eat yogurt, try to get a kind that has Acidopholus, which is great for your digestive tract. if you care about yogurt, check out my yogurt app here. or don't. like i said, i don't love yogurt.

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